2005 in Memories

Convocation day was a peak event for the whole year. This year, the stage-performance has got the parents off their chairs for standing ovation. Congratulation Cik Rohaida Jusoh, for the job well done. ...photo...video clip... baju_melayu.JPG (94922 bytes)
There are no better events to bring together all parents and students in good healthy spirits other then the Tadika Orange 2005 Sports Carnival. Participations from everybody has made the day a day to remember for the whole year. Good job Cikgu Intan....photos...video clip.

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B ravo to 6 brave Tadika Orange students who participated in the premier 2005 Botanical Garden, Putrajaya coloring contest...photos... 

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T he participants of the 2005 annual trip to Petrosains, KLCC were taken awe during their visit. Surely the experience has opened possibilities in their young minds. Their bright orange uniforms has been a spectacle for tourists who won't miss a chance for snapshots. Congratulation to Cikgu Azimah...photo... projectile-loop.JPG (60433 bytes)
"B rush like this students..." said Dr. Khoo, our local dentist. The demonstration was to enhance awareness about teeth-care and the correct way of brushing them. Thank you Dr. Khoo...photo... dr_khoo.jpg (92028 bytes)
B ringing 2 distinct speakers, En. Jaafar of DBP cum a licensed motivator and Puan Masrijah, an experienced teacher and a successful mother. The talk focus on the role of mothers for their children's education...more report..
R egistration day at Tadika Orange was an event by itself. Birdie mascot from McDonalds has shown up to cheer the kids the whole duration. Special thanks to McDonalds for sponsoring the mascot and refreshments...photo...video sample